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The Grand Canyon is a very popular tourist destination. An estimated five million people visit the place every year. There are many alternatives of transport used while moving through the vast region. Depending on the kind of experience you want, you cannot miss a mode of transport to give you that experience. They range from boat rides, shuttle buses, and public transport. Grand Canyon helicopter tours are one of those modes of transport.

This is a great method that is used to view the great attractions of the world-wonder. These include the South Rim which has the Villages Hermits Rest and Desert View. Touring the great tourist attraction by air enables you to view the actual shapes formed in that location. Other methods of transport may not provide for such spectacular views.

A great advantage of using air transport for this visit is that the North Rim which is quite higher than the South Rim is normally not easy to access particularly when snowing. What happens is that it gets blocked by the snow meaning that no others means of road transport may be used to get there. Traveling by air therefore ends up being the best way to go about your visit.

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It also takes time to manoeuvre the location by car. Considering the vastness of the area, you may not get enough of it in a single day. The North Rim is also not easy to get across even in great weather. Using either the South or North Kaibab Trails will take a considerable amount of time. A lot of time can be saved by flying over the place.

It should be noted that there is no longer an airstrip at the North Canyon. This means that the village at the Northern part can only be best viewed from air but without an expectation of stopping for a closer view. Stops can be made at other parts but not this Northern area.

Before taking air rides across the place, it is best to have maps which show the area clearly. There are maps which have extra detail on the exact locations of points of interest which no visitor should miss. All tourists on board should make a point to acquire one of these maps. Some sites online actually offer them for free such that anyone can download them.

A permit to tour the area should always be sought before embarking on a visit of this place. Just because it is a ride on air does not mean that it can be done anytime. This is for purposes of regulation and order since sometimes there can be several visitors who would love to tour the park on a particular day. Consultation with the relevant personnel will achieve order and also ensure that the tour is a legal one.

The above tips are very useful when planning on taking Grand Canyon helicopter tours. Some small research about it can make the experience much better. Reading about the experiences other people have had could also enlighten you on what to expect.

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