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In these uncertain economic times everyone is looking for a bargain, even businesses. One area where many company owners look to save on operating expenses has to do with their communication costs which include their faxing services. Many companies and individuals are trying to find the cheapest faxing service available – but is this a wise business move?

While in many cases, cheap is usually associated with poor quality, this same rule does not necessarily apply when comparing online fax services. By their very structure, Internet or web faxing services are much cheaper than conventional faxing because there are no fax machines to buy or maintain, no papers and inks to purchase, and you don’t have the ongoing cost of a separate fax phone line since everything is handled through the Internet.

And while the pricing can be very low, it does not mean the quality of the service is not of a high standard. Many affordable fax providers offer excellent rates but still also offer high quality and good support. But any prudent business person would still have to do their own research and check out these services before they buy, regardless of the price.

For those who are not familiar with online fax, a little explanation is probably needed. Online faxing is simply using your current email system and your web connection to send and receive all your faxes. Your fax is sent as an email attachment, usually as a Tiff or Pdf file. But before you can send a fax you have to sign-up to an online fax provider who will act as an intermediary to handle all your faxes for you. You are given an online fax account where you can log in to check your faxes, you can also send your faxes from here.

The average monthly rates for these services usually range around $8 – $10, but there are some as low as $3 – $4 a month. So it pays to shop around especially when there are also “pay as you go” plans which may be suitable if your faxing requirements are very minimum. If your faxing volume is very high, many of these providers offer custom corporate services and prices so you can bargain for the lowest rates.

Again, just because the pricing is low does not mean the service is not good. In most cases, these fax companies have a proven track record, having provided quality services for millions of clients over many years. And the best feature – most of these same companies have free 30 Day Trials so that you can check out their services first hand and decide for yourself.

Just remember, online fax is not only cheaper, it is also more convenient and more secure than traditional faxing. It is also very portable since any mobile device such as a cell phone or laptop can be used to do your faxing. And since it’s web based, all your faxing is available 24/7, anywhere you have a web connection and these days that’s just about everywhere on the planet.

So the next time you use the old fax machine, just ask yourself, is there a more cheaper way to do my faxing? One that is also more modern and much more convenient than my present system? You might be surprised at how many cheaper alternatives are at your fingertips, patiently waiting for your judgment call.

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